HOLY SUPPER – Material: Recycled (magazines, packaging, labels) Dimension: 30 x 39 inches


Material: Recycled (magazines, packaging, labels)

Dimension: 30 x 39 inches

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About the Artist

Marcelus Gill
Brazil (1971)


Marcelus Gill Cavalcante da Silva was born in Goiânia , Brazil in 1971. Since childhood, he identified with drawings and doodles. In 1973, he moved to Rio de Janeiro where he studied and graduated. Although he did not attend art school, he honed his taste for the arts by becoming self-taught and an ongoing researcher. His inspirations were: Picasso, Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein, Vick Muniz, Lobo, Obey, Jef Aerosol, Kobra, Paulo Ito and Gêmeos. In 1995, Marcelus became a professor of Porcelain Painting at the Quartier de Ipanema Gallery where he carried out works in porcelain through classical and modern painting. In 2014, Marcelus discovered through his research the Pop Art Technique, which is characterized by a collage on canvas. The outstanding features in his work includes many colors and implicit information, which can range from subliminal messages about politics, social positions to particularities about clients. An important detail in the Pop Art Technique is the artist does not give up the concept of recycling and sustainability. All materials used in his works are materials that would be discarded or recycled such as magazines, packaging, labels, etc… Since he started working with the Pop Art Technique, his works have spread around the world such as: USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Africa, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, UK, Russia, India and others, both in homes as well as in commercial establishments.


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