HOPE – Material: Acrylic On Canvas Dimension: 36 x 60 inches


Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 36 x 60 inches
Contact: (828) 489 6913


About the Artist

Geo Geo


Gabriel “GG” Gimenez is a Venezuelan-born, Miami & London based visual artist. His first artistic manifestations appeared in his childhood in the form of doodles, and progressed through his growing interest in painting, digital art, large scale mural installations, and film production. As a visual artist, GG’s work is inspired by the conscious knowledge of one’s own vulnerabilities as a positive force. His characters embody an undeniable presence that yells out at you from within the canvas. His pieces often allude to pop culture items and themes in a unique and vivid manner through vibrant color schemes and stylistic details. Self-taught, GG has been recognized and praised for his works at an international scale, varying from art fairs, gallery showings, Emmy award winning production and collaborative projects with brands like Youtube, Airbnb, Adidas and Perrier amongst many. The connection and relationship he maintains with his art and process is a consistent driving force behind the artist he is today.


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