HORSE PAINTING – Material: Acrylic on Canvas Dimension: 30 x 24 inches


Material: acrylic on canvas
Dimension: 30 x 24 inches




Ranjit Das, born in 1956-03-01 at Tangail, Bangladesh. He has done M.F.A. in 1981 from University of Baroda, India. At present he is Lecturer at T.T. College, Dhaka. He focuses on the essences of nature, capturing the transformation and the abstraction into visual prose and poetic form. Ranjit’s figurative works have a touch of realism but a bit of a distorted look. He is now devising the figures, visages and various parts of the forms. “You can say it is an intense journey through experimentation. Ranjit Das’s art has a simple, immaculate elegance and a peculiar, damaged beauty. Looking at Ranjit’s paintings, one experiences a kind of deja va of everyday life people we meet on the street, baul singers, man, women, children in a world of second generation post-painterly abstractionist. In my paintings, I focus on different essences of nature, the transformation, the abstraction, while combining prose and poetic forms, and thus the form and content. For example, the man and his substance, his behavior and nature, his past and present experiences.


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